Welcome to Apollo Gas Products NSW ACT

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Apollo Gas Products NSW Manufacture and Distribute Automotive Gas Equipment

Apollo Gas Products NSW Factory and Distribution Centre is centrally located at Arndell Park in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Apollo Gas Products is an innovative company that specialise in integrating the worlds latest Automotive LPG technology to suit Australian vehicles.

planet_earth_sThe company is very focused on providing technical solutions to enable its customers to fit/operate LPG systems that work in all Australian conditions, be it the stop, start driving in the cities through to the open road touring of the country areas.

Our people provide us with a vast amount of experience. This experience combined with our commitment to customer service guarantees a satisfied vehicle operator.

Our staff are fully-qualified and continually undergo training and development to keep up to date to provide you with the best expertise.

Our objective is to provide conversion equipment to the automotive industry to a standard that meets and surpasses the expectations of our clients.

You can be assured that when you deal with Apollo Gas Products, you are dealing with the Industry leaders.


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